Why STAT Medical?

December 9, 2021 –
Elizabeth Kayser

In the United States there are large areas that are remote and simply don’t have very good medical coverage. Then you add in the fact many can’t afford an insurance plan that covers themselves and their family.

STAT Medical is there for you. STAT Medical is a digital health platform that provides advanced home-based clinical lab tests with physician oversight to empower people to take control of their health. Some of the tests available include food allergy, respiratory allergy, combined allergy, thyroid, female hormone, male wellness, lipid cholesterol and diabetes.

Elizabeth Kayser, Esq., founded STAT Medical and is the CEO. She is passionate about providing a service that can help people take charge of their lives and find out better details of their health.

“I founded STAT Medical because of the barriers I was seeing across the country, people not having access to health care, not being able to take charge of their health, not being able to afford the insurance coverage or simply not being eligible for insurance coverage,” Kayser said. “I saw this as a big problem affecting millions and millions of people.”

Kayser, who is an attorney, is a natural problem solver and wanted to get involved and help people.

“As I was exploring what I wanted to do in terms of what kind of value I wanted to bring to society, the one thing I was learning through all the research is that they are discovering with lightning speed that one's health is not dictated by our genes,” Kayser said. “Our health is really dictated by what we do and the decisions that we make during the day. To take that knowledge and combine it with people not having access to their doctors, not having insurance or being able to afford to go to their doctors. … Our healthcare system is really broken. I saw this as an opportunity to do good in the world, to actually be the problem solver that I love being.”

Most disease conditions can be controlled and prevented if people will find out what is going on inside their bodies. The only way to do this is with diagnostic tests. The sooner one takes control of their health, the higher the likelihood that they can practice preventive medicine and stave off certain disease conditions. If a certain disease condition is indicated by your results, there are certain interventions and lifestyle modifications that can be done to lessen or eliminate the disease condition. These proactive measures and taking charge of your health will benefit the family unit as a whole and will teach a family that health is not to be taken for granted and it does not happen by default.

“You can become healthier with certain interventions and even stop the progression of a disease condition,” Kayser said. “Let’s find out what is going on inside our bodies and let’s do it in the comfort and ease of our own homes in an affordable way. That’s what STAT Medical does.”

Having a great role model in her mother, Kayser feels that has carried over to herself in seeking the best way to stay healthy and take care of her body. She hikes every Sunday in the woods with her daughter and their combined five dogs.

“Health has always been so important to me,” Kayser said. “First learning from my mother and now applying it to my children. … I know the importance of exercise, the importance of diet and taking charge of one’s health. This just comes naturally to me.”

The passion for health care drives Kayser to continue learning every day. Now she wants to share that with everyone through the tests that STAT Medical provides.

A test from STAT Medical can be trusted as much as if you were going to your own doctors lab. The STAT Medical website explains: “We use the same technology and highly vetted labs that specialize in procuring results out of a small sample of blood as opposed to a large sample of blood. The validity and accuracy of those results are comparable to the results that your doctor receives from a traditional stand-up lab where several SST blood tubes have to be collected using a phlebotomist. Our STAT Medical affiliated labs are vetted and scrubbed going through a thorough credentialing process with a STAT Medical chief scientific advisor.”

“It’s all about the technology,” Kayser added. “We are a technology company. We search for micro diagnostics or micro sampling, search for tests that need just an infantile amount of specimen to test from. This requires a lot of clinical research and development to get the same result from a few drops of blood that would normally take three vials of blood. That’s some pretty heavy duty technology.”

The tests by STAT Medical are different in the way the specimen or sample is collected. The amount of blood is significantly less, which allows you to use a simple lancet to extract a few drops of blood from your finger.

The kits arrive at your home so that you don’t have to go to your doctor or drive to a lab to get your specimen drawn by a phlebotomist. The tests are quality tests and the validity and accuracy of the STAT Medical tests are comparable to the traditional lab test.

“I wanted a way that people can take charge of their health in the comfort and ease of their own home in an affordable way, in a quality way and a compliant way,” Kayser said. “Everything is supervised by a doctor. You can find out what exactly is going on inside your body. … Longevity in life really doesn’t matter if you don’t have the quality of life. That is my vision to make the quality of life better for people.”

The goal and vision of STAT Medical is to give the power of health back to each individual. It is time for each of us to take charge of our own health.

Why waste hours going to the doctor and then having to drive to a lab to sit in a waiting room with other patients to get your blood drawn by a phlebotomist? With STAT Medical tests, no doctor's appointment is necessary and especially no drive time.

Don’t waste another second. Go to STATMedicalllc.com today and order the tests best suited to help you take charge of your health. It really is the best option for you and your family.

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