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What to do

Simple 1, 2, 3 

1. Order your test kit below:

Your test kit will be delivered to your door with return packaging and shipping label for your sample.

2. Collect your sample:

Follow the enclosed instructions and/or online video carefully to collect your blood sample.

3. Get your results:

Once you've sent your sample back, your personalized lab results will be available via your private account on this site.


  • - Ally

    "By doing this allergy test at home, you can see what foods you may want to cut back on so your body is its BEST SELF."
  • - Deric

    "I appreciated how the service was convenient and reasonably priced. It's the most cost-effective way for me to proactively check in on my health!"
  • - Emerson

    "... I’m grateful to have access to this information, so I can start eliminating these foods slowly. It’s important to be mindful of how your food makes you feel, both physically and emotionally!"
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