Elizabeth Kayser, Esq.

Elizabeth, with a Doctor of Law, and double major in Business Management and Marketing founded a Direct Consumer Diagnostic Company. She is immersed in the space of direct to consumer healthcare a/k/a “digital healthcare”.

As CEO and Founder of STAT Medical LLC, Elizabeth knows how to move fast, think big, and quickly identify needs and new opportunities. She surrounds herself with subject matter experts, partners, and develops the overall strategy to build a profitable and sustainable business in a transforming market. She establishes tactical alliances and mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with team members, service providers and business affiliates.

Some of these test will be allergy (food & respiratory) diabetes, hormone, wellness, thyroid, metabolic, lifestyle, DNA, and molecular UTI. Her company specializes in microsampling diagnostics. Orchestrating and delicately balancing a myriad of strategic relationships for a cohesive solution… Bringing diagnostic tests to consumers so that consumers can take care of their health all within the convenience and comfort of their home.

Elizabeth epitomizes what it means to be a true entrepreneur - a visionary who sees opportunities in dynamic and unstable markets by identifying the needs and pain points arising from risk and instability, developing viable solutions, and bringing those solutions to market — a catalyst for change by motivating, managing, and empowering teams at all levels to reach goals.

As a creative thinker, she creates scalable processes, optimizes operating performance & ROI, and builds high-performance teams to support her businesses. Passionately develops and implements strategic plans that drive additional customers and sales. She specializes in bringing new products and services to market, while carefully building efficient systems to sustain substantial growth from her energy.

Why STAT Medical?

A few words from the CEO and why STAT Medical was created. From Attorney to healthcare entrepreneur. Creating an affordable and simple way to critical lab tests, without ever having to go to a lab or a doctors office.

What's Going On In Your Body with Elizabeth Kayser:

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