STAT Medical - Lab Testing Process

The same assurance you have with traditional lab tests run by your doctor will be the same assurance you will have when taking charge of your health and using Stat Medical to allow you to take manage the same lab tests from the privacy & comfort of your own home. Stat medical is empowering those who realize gone are the days that you willl need to your doctor.

Collection methods (as accurate as traditional labs)
Stat medical works with labs who have validated the biomarkers we are testing for with venipuncture (whole blood draw using a phlebotomist) against our self-collected dry blood spot (DBS) samples. All results are reviewed and approved by Stat’s third party physician network. Of interest, DBS has been around for decades and started with the well-known heel prick test of newborns. Per federal regulations, our lab partners are governed by CLIA and sometimes opt for a more stringent set of regs known as CAP. These regs assure a certain standard of accuracy, precisions, reproducibility, and correlation. A paired sample study is also performed by the lab. As a result, our tests are comparable to the same tests ordered by your doctor.

Patient identifier
Your sample will bear a unique bar code (or patient identifier) throughout the process. This code links your profile (demographics) to yourself.

Physician approved
STAT Medical works with a network of board certified physicians to review & order your lab test and approve your results. For those tests whose results are out of the reference range, the assigned physician will perform an outreach to the consumer. These results are generated into a report that you can understand.

Our experts
Omar Ahmad is responsible for our testing strategy and vets and approves the validity data of each of tests we offer on our website. This is a stringent process and one that Dr Ahmad does not take lightly.

Your privacy
We do not sell our customers data. All of your information and results are private. Stat Medical may anonymize and de-identify aggregate data for further research and development of our tests.

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