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Identify issues sooner and avoid serious medical conditions - be all that you can be.
STAT Medical is a digital health platform that provides advanced home-based clinical lab tests with physician oversight to empower people to take control of their health. Some of our tests include food allergy, respiratory allergy, combined allergy, thyroid, female hormone, male wellness, lipid cholesterol, and diabetes.

Lab health testing at home

Activate your test, collect your sample & return your sample all on the same day using prepaid shipping mailer.

CLIA & CAP certification

Our laboratory partners carry the highest level of accreditation including CLIA & CAP certification. We anonymize your identity and use state of the art technology to ensure a quick analysis of your sample.

Your Lab tests made simple

Our doctors & clinical diagnostic team oversea every step of your journey…all the way to your results.

Our US labs are CLIA & CAP certified

And meet or exceed federal precision, accuracy, and validity standards, and undergo regular inspections and performance verifications.
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All tests are validated to federal standards

All of our tests are clinically ‘validated’ (our tests are as accurate as traditional lab tests which means they must meet certain federal standards as to test accuracy & reliability when compared to traditional venous draws & traditional methods.

Each test ordered is doctor approved

All tests are reviewed & approved before your sample is tested, as is your results also reviewed before they are released to you.

Results are easy to understand

You do not need to be a doctor to understand your results!

Frequently Asked Questions?

How are STAT Medical tests different than the ones I get from my doctor?

The tests are different in the way the specimen is collected.

#1 the amount of blood is significantly less which allows you to use a simple Landsat and extracting a few drops of blood from your finger.

#2 the kits arrive at your home so that you don't have to go to your doctor or drive to a lab to get your specimen drawn by a phlebotomist. The tests are quality tests and the validity and accuracy of the Stat Medical tests are comparable to the traditional lab test.
Why would I trust a lab test from STAT Medical instead of going to my doctors lab?

You can trust a test from STAT medical as much as you would as going to your own doctors lab.

We use the same technology and highly vetted labs that specialize in procuring results out of a small sample of blood as opposed to a large sample of blood. The validity and accuracy of those results are comparable to the results that your doctor receives from a traditional stand-up lab where several SST blood tubes have to be collected using a phlebotomist. Our STAT Medical affiliated labs are vetted and "scrubbed" going through a thorough credentialing process with a STAT Medical chief Scientific Advisor.
Is STAT Medical adding more lab tests to its testing menu?

STAT Medical is constantly sourcing new microsampling diagnostic tests to onboard to its testing menu.

In the process of sourcing these tests STAT Medical's Team looks as to what Laboratory tests are in the highest demand, what has the highest clinical value to the consumer, and that diagnostic test has been validated with microsampling technology needed for a direct-to-consumer laboratory kit.

Sill Have Questions?

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